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How Finding the Right Adhesive Can Change How You Manage Diabetes

How Finding the Right Adhesive Can Change How You Manage Diabetes

August 26, 2021

Diabetes is a complicated medical condition that usually requires lifelong management. This includes medication, a careful diet, regular visits with a doctor, and frequent measuring of blood glucose levels. The cost and complexity of this array of interventions are often overwhelming, especially for the newly diagnosed and their loved ones. We think that people with diabetes shouldn’t have to worry about the little things, so we’ve done our best to create adhesives and tape that will keep your mind free to play and adventure, not worry about your medical device.

People with CGMs (that’s Continuous Glucose Monitor, for the uninitiated) know how frustrating adhesives can be. Most CGM devices, like the Freestyle Libre or Dexcom G6, are applied directly to the skin and held to the body with a sticky adhesive on the device or on a patch that covers the device. Unfortunately, the lifespan of the adhesive doesn’t always match the intended lifespan of the device. While some CGMs are intended to stay on the skin for up to 14 days, sweat, showers, and everyday living cause the adhesive to come loose and the sensor to fall out. Then your expensive sensor that was meant to last two weeks doesn’t make it past one!

Skin Grip’s adhesive patches and tape solve the frustration and help you get the most out of your medical devices. Skin Grip’s patches will keep your wallet happy by securing your medical device for the full usage life of your sensor. The waterproof adhesive means that the patch won’t peel off in the shower, on a boat, or in the middle of a workout. Using a patch that fully covers your device will keep it from snagging on clothes, doors, or anything else. Knowing that your device will last as long as it is supposed to is peace of mind that makes Skin Grip totally worth it.

For some device users, the problem isn’t making the adhesive last; it’s the adhesive itself. While true allergies to medical adhesives are rare, many people suffer from a sensitivity to adhesives that results in rashes or skin irritation called contact dermatitis. People who suffer from adhesive sensitivity are in a bind. On the one hand, they need their medical device to manage their condition. On the other hand, managing their condition means their skin will break out in hives. What would you choose? Skin Grip eliminates the double bind afflicting our sensitive-skinned friends.

Our patches are completely hypoallergenic. The material of the patch itself is a mix of cotton and spandex, and the adhesive is medical quality, latex-free, hypoallergenic acrylic. That makes the patch safe for people with allergies. If your skin is particularly sensitive and you’re not sure if Skin Grip is right for you, give it a try with our free samples. For the cost of shipping, you can experience the comfort of a secure medical device without the hassle of skin irritation.

CGMs and medical devices should help you get up and get out of the house, not slow you down! Our variety of adhesive patches for Medtronic, Dexcom, Omnipod, and Freestyle devices mean that anyone can make managing their diabetes a little easier. Our new medical tape roll will let you use our comfortable skin adhesive on devices, bandages, or even around the house. It’s perfect for a first aid kit. With Skin Grip, you have the comfort and flexibility to manage anything.

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