Testimonials from Diabetics

Diabetes Warriors

Diabetes Warriors

I work outside in the heat, go to the gym, skateboard, and roll around in my sleep. Since I've worn Skin Grip I haven't had either of my devices come loose or fall off. Huge plus to not have to worry about things like that every day.

β€” Conner D.

Diabetes Warriors

This is the best patch. We have tried quite a few and this is the only one that does not irritate the skin and lasts the full 10 days. Love it!

β€” Dawn G.

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3 Tips To Keep CGM Sensors In Place For 10+ Days
Diabetes Is Hard Enough. Make Your Life A Little Easier.

Diabetes is hard enough. Make Your Life A Little Easier.

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  • More than 200k Sensors Saved
  • Over $15 Million Saved on Sensors
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