Diabetes Charity: A11 For 1

The 11th day of each month is a special day for us. We call it "A11 for 1"

On this day each month we donate 100% of our website profits to a T1D charity of your choosing.

We chose the 11th for a couple of reasons:

1. On January 11, 1922 insulin was first used in the treatment of diabetes by Frederick Banting. We want our donations to further the cause of making insulin affordable for all + finding a cure.

2. There isn’t a day of the month with more 1’s in it than the 11th. We believe this is a great day to celebrate the amazing Type 1 diabetics all over the world. Many suffer in the shadows and we hope to help bring more awareness any way that we can.

To vote on which charity we give the profits to, view our Instagram (@skingrip) on the 11th and cast your vote on our stories or comment your vote in our post.

You can also recommend a T1D charity to us by contacting us or sending us a DM on Instagram.