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What's Included:

✌️  2 sample patches

📝  Application instructions

💰  Unique discount code for your first purchase


Not sure which patch is compatible with your device?

Select Dexcom G6 Patch for:

Dexcom G6

Dexcom G5

Dexcom G4


Select Medtronic Patch for:

Medtronic Guardian

Medtronic Guardian Connect

Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3

Medtronic MiniMed 670g

Medtronic MiniMed 630g




Select Freestyle Libre Patch for:

Abbott Freestyle Libre

Abbott Freestyle Libre 2

Abbott Freestyle Libre Pro

Abbott Freestyle Libre 3


Select Omnipod Patch for:

Insulet Omnipod (all versions)


Select Insulin Pump/Infusion Set Patch for:

Tandem T:Slim X2

All other insulin pumps and infusion sets