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An Even Better Version of the T: Slim X2 Around the Corner?


Better Version of the T Slim X2                                (Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels)

Your diabetes diagnosis comes with so much information to absorb. Learning how to regulate and check blood sugar can be overwhelming in itself. Then you've got to know about insulin, carb counting, sliding scales, etc.

Luckily, in this day and age we have many medical devices to help manage your diabetes easily.

Today we'll learn all about the t: slim X2 insulin pump and then share what we know about the upcoming t: slim X3.

What is the T: Slim X2 Insulin Pump?

The Tandem t: Slim X2 insulin pump is the first FDA-cleared insulin pump capable of remote feature updates. Patients can use a personal computer to keep their pump up to date with the latest technology during the pump's warranty period.

The pump is designed for subcutaneous insulin delivery at set and variable rates. It's designed with a user-friendly touch screen and offers bright colors on the screen for easy readability. It's the smallest durable pump on the market, making it an excellent option for active users.

The T: Slim X2 is the first insulin pump cleared to deliver automatic correction boluses and adjust insulin to prevent high or low blood sugar. The t: slim with Control-IQ works in tandem with the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), so you can say goodbye to finger pricks for good.

Biggest Perks of the t: slim X2 Insulin Pump

Predicts and Helps Prevent Low and High Blood Sugar

This revolutionary Control-IQ technology uses CGM readings to predict your glucose values 30 minutes ahead and increases, decreases, or stops basal insulin delivery to ensure your glucose is in range. (70-180 mg/dL).

Automatic Correction Boluses

If your pump predicts that your glucose levels will be above 180 mg/dL, the control-IQ technology will calculate a correction bolus with a target of 110 mg/dL and deliver 60 percent of that value. It will automatically do this up to every hour if needed.

Sleep and Exercise Accommodations

Part of the control-IQ technology is a feature that offers additional settings for exercise and sleep. This feature alters the treatment values to manage better and match the different variables needed during these activities.

No Finger pricks

With the Dexcom G6 CGM integration, you'll never have to stick your fingertip again; hallelujah! The Dexcom G6 CGM also entails an extended 10-day wear, an acetaminophen block, and a feature that allows you to share your real-time data with up to 10 followers.


One of the most significant selling points of the t: slim x2 is that it’s easy to use. It doesn't require special training or the mastery of complicated instructions. It's straightforward to navigate for people with diabetes of all ages. If the CGM signal is lost temporarily, the Control-IQ feature will automatically resume when the CGM is back in range and action.

What We Know about the t: slim x3

The t: slim x3 has not yet hit the market but will be an upgraded version of the already remarkable x2. It will have features that make life even easier for individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Tandem t: slim X3 will be Tandem's third generation t: slim pump. The first t: slim pump was launched in August 2012. The second version (t: slim x2) hit the market in 2016 and made waves as it was the first insulin pump compatible with CGM.

Here's what we know about the upcoming t: slim X3:

1. Will offer improved battery life.

2. Will have a USB-C instead of a Micro USB

(Micro USB is not capable of fast-charging and requires a longer wait when recharging your smartphone).

  • Data transfer up to 10 Gbps
  • Can be inserted with any orientation
  • Capable of up to 100 watts of power
  • Capable of fast-charging
  • Saves time when recharging your smartphone

3. Wireless software updates.

  • No need to hook it up to your computer for software updates
  • Will enable more software updates and bug fixes
  • Refreshed User Interface
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Even more user-friendly

4. Will have enhanced technology.

  • It is being designed to include enhanced technology, such as greater processing power and capability to support the advanced algorithms.

5. Will hold 300 units of insulin.

The t: slim X2 is not sophisticated enough to run this new algorithm integrated into the t: slim X3. It will be a new algorithm requiring a new hardware upgrade. The X3 is a more high-tech, user-friendly, and all-around upgraded version of the t: slim x2. It will be a remarkable stride in the world of insulin pumps.

As you await the t: slim x3, learn about our insulin pump tape that will be the cherry on top of this revolutionary pump. Our tape secures your diabetes device so it will stay in place, allowing you to be active and live life with one less worry. Reach out to us with any questions you may have.