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Most Exciting New Features of the Dexcom G7

*Disclaimer: All content and information in this blog is for informational and educational purposes only.

 This article was written by Amanda Ciprich, MS, RD. Last updated on 9/13/23.

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The Dexcom G7 is the newest continuous glucose monitoring system released by Dexcom Inc. G7 improves on Dexcom’s current continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, the G6, with greater accuracy, smaller size, easier insertion, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the most exciting new features of the Dexcom G7 CGM.


What is the Dexcom G7 CGM System?

Dexcom is known as an innovative leader in manufacturing continuous glucose monitors. Dexcom G7 CGM system received FDA clearance in December 2022 after long awaited anticipation.

Dexcom G6 features included with Dexcom G7

Since 2018, the Dexcom G6 has been on the market, and it has gained widespread recognition and popularity amongst individuals with diabetes. Dexcom ensured the incorporation of various features into their newest CGM system, such as:

  • No fingersticks, scanning or calibration are required.
  • Glucose readings will automatically be sent to a display device ever 5 minutes
  • Continued integration with the world’s largest CGM ecosystem including Apple Watch, Garmin and other digital health apps.
  • Users can share their data with up to 10 followers for remote monitoring.
  • Only CGMs to offer a predictive low alert that can recognize low blood sugar episodes before they happen.

How accurate is the Dexcom G7?

Dexcom G7 is the most accurate CGM available with an 8.2% overall MARD for adults and an 8.1% MARD for children.

The MARD is a common way to evaluate CGM precision, indicating the distinction between CGM glucose readings and blood glucose measurements. The lower the MARD, the more precise the device is.

Features and upgrades for the Dexcom G7

In addition to better accuracy, the Dexcom G7 has several other improvements compared to the G6. Here are some features we are most excited about with the Dexcom G7: 

Shortened sensor warm-up

In just 30 minutes, the Dexcom G7 is ready to start measuring glucose levels while the Dexcom G6 requires a 2-hour warm up period. During this warm up period, the CGM will not provide any glucose readings. A shortened warm-up time can reduce gaps in between glucose readings and enhance accessibility of glucose information for people with diabetes.

12-hour grace period

Although the G7's sensor life is still the same as the G6 with 10-days of wear time, it introduces a 12-hour grace period at the conclusion of this period. This means that if you happen to be a couple of hours behind in replacing your sensor, you will still continue to receive glucose readings.

New body locations cleared for wear

The G7 sensor is FDA cleared to be used on the back of the upper arm for ages 2 years and older. The G6 is currently only cleared for insertion into the stomach for adults and upper buttocks for children under 18 years old.

Smaller size and new shape

Dexcom G7 is 60% smaller than the previous G6 model. Its shape is also now circular and about the size of a few quarters stacked on top of each other. The G7 will be less noticeable while worn and less likely to get pulled off in comparison to the G6.

Easier sensor application process

The Dexcom G7 features a completely new pre-assembled all-in-one device. With previous Dexcom versions, users were required to reuse their transmitter with every sensor change for 90 days. Now both sensor and transmitter can be applied with one step to make the process faster, more convenient and with less waste and package…and no more accidentally throwing away your transmitter!

Redesigned smartphone app

The Dexcom G7 has a new single-application to help users better understand their glucose readings and trends and share their glucose readings with family, friends and healthcare providers. The G6 requires two separate applications to perform these functions making the G7 more user-friendly and streamlined.  

Does the Dexcom G7 connect with insulin pumps?

Both Tandem and Omnipod are actively working on making their insulin pumps compatible with the G7, but there is currently no information available regarding the specific timeline for the rollout of these developments. For current Dexcom G6 users who use an automated insulin pump, they are encouraged to continue using their current CGM system until Dexcom G7 is compatible.

Dexcom G7 and Apple Watch

The G7 app includes an Apple Watch feature, making it easy to keep track of your glucose values and trends and view a 1, 3, or 6-hour graph of past readings. You can quickly access the app straight from your watch by adding it to the dock or a watch face complication, available on select watch faces. To get alerts and notifications straight to your watch, ensure your Apple Watch is connected to a compatible iPhone. Remember that glucose information updates won't be possible if you take your watch out of your iPhone's range.

How to save on the Dexcom G7

The price of Dexcom G7 will vary depending on your specific health insurance coverage. Below are some cost saving resources that may be eligible:

Amazon Pharmacy $200 off the average retail price for a 30 day supply.

Dexcom’s patient assistance program can offer the devices free or at a reduced cost depending on individual eligibility.

Current Dexcom G6 users whose insurance has not added the Dexcom G7 CGM to their formulary can upgrade to the Dexcom G7 for $89 per month until their insurance begins covering the device.

Visit Dexcom’s Saving Center for a complete list of saving options.


    About Amanda Ciprich, MS, RD

    Amanda Ciprich, a registered dietitian with a specialization in type 1 diabetes, was diagnosed with T1D herself at the age of 18. With her expertise and personal experience, she has authored two books, including "The Caregiver's Guide to Diabetes: Practical Advice for Caring for Your Loved One." As the founder of T1D Nutritionist, a virtual insurance-based private practice, Amanda provides counseling and guidance to individuals with T1D and their families, supporting them in effectively managing diabetes.


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